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There's an old saying that goes something like, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." For hundreds of years, the Lancea Sanctum has dominated the field of missionary work. During this time, the Circle has played the opposite role of keeping the faith and tending it like a field. Rarely did the covenant openly prostelyze.

Recently, that has changed.

The Circle has begun to actively seek out new membership with coteries of proactive spiritual advisors. Instead of contenting itself with those converts the other covenants reject, the Circle has chosen to step out and start picking the choicest potential converts from the perverbial tree itself.

It should go without saying, however, that the Circle does not follow any mortal model of missionary work. When a coterie of Acolyte missionaries hits an area, they do not start thumping their holy text about and begin building temples. Rather, the Acolytes watch and wait, monitoring the local attitudes among vampire and mortal alike. Once the coterie believes it has a good idea of the overall picture of things, it either moves in, extending and refining covenant territory in that area, or it goes back to what territory the covenant already has and looks for a coterie that would better fit the local population. Even when overtly pursuing new converts, the Circle's missionary work is far more subtle than most would expect.

Most Acolytes don't know what has brought about this new trend of missionary work, but gossip has it that it's the result of the covenant's recent study of their age-old enemies, the Lancea Sanctum. If Kindred society as a whole is losing interest in the strict and penitent ways of the Sanctified, then perhaps that same society is reaching a "tipping point," as it were. Those Acolytes involved in missionary work intend to find out whether this tipping point as been reached by gathering as many converts to the Circle as possible and taking advantage of the Lancea Sanctum's crumbling foundation.

Known Missionaries

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